Mr. Cappuccino

the perfect combination of the best of two worlds, Italian tradition combined with quality and American Lifestyle.

Espresso Cappuccino Caffé Latte Macchiato / Cortadito Mokaccino Cappuccino French Vanilla Hot Chocolate American / Regular Black Coffee Coffee & Cream

Latest generation Italian automatic Cappuccino and Espresso machines (For counter, vending, automatic, semi-automatic).

BEAN TO CUP (Grinded to perfection One Cup at a Time)

Coffee beans, milk and chocolate powder made in Italy, 8 – 10 varieties of Unique Flavors of hot and cold drinks, Cold coffee and chocolate)

Low setup time, zero waste, quick cleaning.

Inventory control of cups served.  Quick training.

Ensures the quality of the cup, no need to be an expert barista… Consistency

Technical support, spare parts and warranty.

Security First: COVID 19 safe, contactless safe machines.

who we are

Our machines: grind the coffee beans for each individual hot drink, make an Espresso shot and then, depending on Customer selection (Up to 10 selections) and in less than a minute, mix it with milk or chocolate. The machines are made in Italy and are designed to work with our own blend of coffee beans.  Once we program the machine, it is always making the same flavor, at the same cost and with No Waste. Once the person in charge cleans and refills the machine, close the door and nobody touch the coffee, milk, chocolate, vanilla or cups (If that machine dispenses the cups.)

Our Services: Coffee service and sell for offices, restaurants: No machine cost, customer buys our product.

Rent: Monthly fee and client buys our product.

Vending: Self Service, payment by credit card or cellphone.

Sale: Customer buys the machine (We cover manufacturer’s warranty and technical support).

Our Customers:

Coffee Shops, bakeries & Restaurants

Hotels & Resorts

Privates Clinics, Doctor offices and Spas

English And Technical Schools, Colleges

Employees Break Rooms (Companies, Factories, Wholesales Warehouses, Etc)

It’s like having a barista in your restaurant, store, office or lounge…

Mission statement:

Consistency in Quality at affordable prices!! Saving time and giving safety ( COVID19 SAFE ) to Customers and Employees. We service to Hospitality services.

To provide to our clients with a high quality Italian Gourmet Coffee at a fair price while maintaining the highest standards of customer service. Our company provides and maintains the coffee machines that are designed to work with our finest quality coffees and chocolates.
We give technical support and cover the manufacturer warranty to the equips purchasers…


RICO FOODS COMPANY supplies all products for the coffee machine (coffee beans, milk, chocolate, vanilla, cups and coffee stirrers) Our staff visits on a daily basis (If necessary) to ensure that the coffee machine is cleaned, restocked and maintained.

Our Coffee Machines can prepare a variety of blends such as:

– Espresso  – Cappuccino  – Mochaccino  – American Coffee
– French Vanilla  – Hot Chocolate  – Caffe Latte
– Cortadito / Machiatto: double espresso shot and froth milk)

We are at your disposal for any questions or additional information and can arrange a demonstration for you at your convenience. Thank you for your time. We look forward to serving you!

JUST TRY IT, and…enjoy it..!!